Perspective of a Marketer

In this course, we'll examine the primary way marketers view the consumer’s journey. We'll explore the world of ad agencies—the companies that control the vast majority of ad spend today—and dig into how a marketer thinks.
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What's included?

4 Lessons

We'll start with an exploration of the funnel framework and how it's an effective tool for planning a marketing strategy. We'll get familiar with what agencies do, how they are structured, and the pricing models they use. And we'll hear from Patrick Williams, an adjunct professor of marketing, and a U of Digital Expert Network member. 

32 minutes of content

At 8 minutes per lesson (on average), you can immerse yourself into the mind of a marketer.

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Once you pass the final assessment, you'll be awarded a sharable U of Digital Badge! 

A Fully Immersive Experience

Learning shouldn't be a chore. We make it fun and keep it fresh with our multi-medium approach. Our courses feature a mix of videos, infographics, interactivity, and knowledge checks.