How Digital Media is Bought and Sold

Get a feel for our lessons with our free course! We’ll explore the two key types of digital advertising transactions: direct and programmatic buying and selling. We will look at the pros and cons of both methods and highlight why programmatic buying evolved to create efficiencies in the marketplace.
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What's included?

4 Lessons

We will start with a brief history of direct ad sales and programmatic, and then take a closer look at each transaction type. You will learn why direct selling still has utility in today's marketplace, and then take a closer look at how technology has allowed programmatic transactions to automate the buying and selling process.  

26 minutes of content

At 6.5 minutes per lesson (on average), you will gain a general understanding of digital advertising transaction types. 

Digital Course Badge

Once you pass the final assessment, you'll be awarded a sharable U of Digital Badge! 

A Fully Immersive Experience

Learning shouldn't be a chore. We make it fun and keep it fresh with our multi-medium approach. Our courses feature a mix of videos, infographics, interactivity, and knowledge checks.

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