Google Advertising 101

In this course, we'll compare Google Ads vs. Google Marketing Platform (GMP), the two buying platforms used to access the Google ad ecosystem. We'll then take a deeper look at Google Ads, covering the major use cases, ad channels, targeting options, and metrics. We'll finish with how industry developments such as third-party cookie deprecation and antitrust litigation may impact Google.

What's included?

8 Lessons

We start with a high level overview of the Google Advertising ecosystem, covering Google Ads vs. Google Marketing Platform. We then zoom in on Google Ads, looking at market positioning, ad channels, measurement, product evolution, and big picture context.

48 minutes of content

At 6 minutes per lesson (on average), you can immerse yourself into the world of Google advertising. 

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Once you pass the final assessment, you'll be awarded a sharable U of Digital Badge! 

A Fully Immersive Experience

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