Digital Advertising Fundamentals

Welcome! This course will take you on a journey through the exciting, ever-evolving world of digital advertising. You will learn about the building blocks of the industry, get certified, and earn a shareable badge!
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What's included?

40 Lessons

This comprehensive course covers the foundational building blocks of digital advertising, from ad formats to auction dynamics. We hit it all!

Over 5 hours of content

At 7 minutes per lesson (on average), you can immerse yourself into the world of Digital Advertising with topics ranging from The Marketer's Funnel to Media Metrics. 

Digital certification badge

Once you pass the final assessment, you'll be awarded a sharable U of Digital Badge! 

A Fully Immersive Experience

Learning shouldn't be a chore. We make it fun and keep it fresh with our multi-medium approach. Our courses feature a mix of videos, infographics, interactivity, and knowledge checks.

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